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How to get around in Chiang Mai

How to get around, Published on 20 August 2015, Thursday

Chiang Mai is one of the most famous tourism destinations in Thailand. World famous, the Lanna kings who ruled the north of Asia, were based in Chiang Mai. They built a number of moats and temples, which are still scattered all over the city and surrounding places. Thousands of tourists from all over the world throng here to experience the sacredness and tranquility of the temples, which are still very much persisting. These temples have historical importance, and the local authority has tried everything possible to keep the adornments inside the temples intact. Apart from historical values, the city is enriched with many modern amenities like restaurants, hotels, institutions and art centers, etc. With the availability of all kinds of means of transport getting around Chiang Mai is quite easy. The city possesses all ingredients that a traveler expects in a tourist spot. With sightseeing, holiday courses, outdoor activities, and famous Thai street foods, the place can easily consume a week from a tourist’s life.

Reaching Chiang Mai and accessing the International Airport:

The international airport of Chiang Mai is accessible from many parts of Asia. Also domestic flights from other famous cities of Thailand like Bangkok, Khorat, and Lang Pang, etc. are readily available. The international airport is still expanding its services from various cities in China and India.

The airport is well equipped with all modern amenities to make travelers’ waiting period very relaxing. Chiang Mai airport taxis are there to get travelers to the heart of the city or any other place they prefer. Chiang Mai airport transfer is available around the clock. Also, all major hotels in the city have the provision of Chiang Mai transfer for smooth passage of the tourists.

Getting around the city:

There are numerous ways of getting around Chiang Mai; both private and public transportations are available for comfortable journey and reaching at desirable places.

The city has two bus stations- Long Distance and Provincial. From the long distance bus terminus, buses are commuting continuously to and from all major cities in Thailand, and with the help of local buses, travelers who are enthusiastic to experience city lifestyle and intermingle with local people can reach anywhere in the city.

The most convenient and the most sought after Chiang Mai transport is “Tuk Tuk”. It’s a three wheeler, and offers a very comfortable journey. Moreover, the drivers are well acquainted with all important tourist destinations and can commute through any road unhindered. In the city, other private transport options are also available like cars and motorbikes.

Also, Songthaews are long truck like vehicles covered overhead and capable of carrying few passengers together in different parts of the city. Songthaews are also a common mode of transportation in the city and accessed by tourists who come in groups.

Another famous and well accessible Chiang Mai transport is railways. Through railways, the city is connected with all the other major and minor cities in the country. Chiang Mai MRT is on the plan, and the work is under way. Once the project, which is a vast one, completes, the city will be more accessible from other parts of Thailand in very short time. In future, after the completion of Chiang Mai MRT, authorities expect that number of visitors will increase manifold in Chiang Mai.

As a whole, right from Chiang Mai airport taxis to famous “Tuk Tuk”, every type of transportation is ever ready to serve the tourists by helping them to reach all famous places and spots in this illustrious historical city of Thailand.