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How to get around in Ho Chi Minh

How to get around, Published on 13 August 2015, Thursday

Ho Chi Minh City, famously known as Saigon, is one of the most populated and largest cities in Vietnam. The city is famous for its key role in the famous Vietnam War. The economy of Ho Chi Minh City is dependent on some industries like manufacturing, mining, agriculture, sea food processing and tourism, etc. The city is also carrying the enriched history and culture of Vietnam, which it had got from the French. The French architectural entities are found everywhere around the city.

Some famous destinations in Ho Chi Minh City:

The Ho Chi Minh Metropolitan area is divided into 24 districts, including 5 suburban districts. French Colonial buildings are still found in different parts of the city, especially in District 1.The most famous structures in the city are Notre-dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace, City People’s Court, City majestic etc. There are some famous museums carrying the history of Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh Museum, Museum of Vietnamese History, Museum of South Eastern Armed Forces and War Remnants Museum. Apart from these, abundant restaurants, markets, street food corners and street markets are scattered in different parts of the city.

Ho Chi Minh City transport:

The city has all forms of transportation, so getting around Ho Chi Minh City is not a tough job. There are all modes of transportation available in the city. Get into the city is easier from any part of the world. The city is served by an International Airport, which is the largest Airport of the Country.

Railway: This is the heart of the Ho Chi Minh city transport. The Ho Chi Minh is the major terminal where many trains of Vietnam come and go. There are very well managed city railway services. For getting around Ho Chi Minh City, the Saigon Metro is very comfortable and reasonably priced. They are quite punctual too. Every day, thousands of passengers commute through Metro.

Bus Services: Airport Buses connect Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ben Thanh Bus Station and Trung Son Town. There are some private bus services available in the city, connecting different districts with the main city. The largest bus station in terms of passengers handled is Mien Dong in Binh Thanh district. Bus services are very modern and private bus services and bookings are also available through mobile apps. As far as the Bus services are concerned, Ho Chi Minh City transport services are not enough for getting around Ho Chi Ming city smoothly.

Taxi Services: Taxi Services of the city are the most reliable and affordable. Taxis are found in abundance that too round the clock. Ho Chi Minh airport Taxis can ride the passenger to any destination at any point of time. Taxi Services are much cheaper and secured. There are many places in the city where riding with taxi is the only way for an outsider. There are many private taxi companies like Ben Thanh Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi and Saigaon Taxi that offer their services all through the day and even night. Ho Chi Minh City airport transfers can become easy if the visitor books a taxi much before entering the city.

Motorbike Taxi : Locally called Xe-Om, this is a very popular mode of commutation in the city. The riding is fun, cheap and easy. If somebody wants to travel, and wants to visit every place in the city than there is no alternative to the motos. However, problem occurs during the monsoon, as roads in some parts of the city get absolutely under rain water.

Walking around the city is more fun, but requires much time. Ho Chi Minh city is very congested and the roads are overstuffed with buses, taxis and private cars. One should be very careful in crossing the roads or walking on the foot path. Otherwise, getting around the city and knowing its culture, heritage and current life is not tough.

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