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How to get around in Langkawi

How to get around, Published on 23 July 2015, Thursday

Langkawi is an island and part of the Malay Peninsula and a territory of Malaysia. Over the last few decades, the Malaysian government has managed to develop the island and aggressively marketed it as a tourist destination. The island has an airport and once you arrive, there are Langkawi airport taxis available to take you to your hotel. There are other means of Langkawi airport transfers also possible.

Taxis Available in Plenty

Though the Langkawi Island itself is not a very vast area, you will be surprised by the number of taxis plying within the island to take you from a place to any other place. These taxis are generally well maintained and offer a comfortable ride and are reasonably priced too. Some may find the cost on the higher side. It all depends on where you are from and what type of a trip budget you are on.

Other Means of Transport

Langkawi transport options do not stop at just the taxis. There are other ways of getting around Langkawi as well. To start with, there are buses that ply on the nicely laid roads within the island and the cost of travelling by bus is also quite cheap, but many travelers feel that it is not easy to wait and catch the bus since the timings are not known. The better option is to hire two-wheelers for getting around the place if you are alone and you are familiar with driving a scooter or a motorcycle. Any driving license from your home country is accepted by the two-wheeler hiring agency and they would accept a small deposit as security. The rental is for a whole day and you can be on your own instead depending on any public transport. Another unique way of getting around Langkawi is to hire a bicycle. This is the cheapest option. If you need to just move around a short distance then the bicycle could prove to be very useful. The exercise of riding a bicycle is an added bonus. If you are a simple backpacker and took the ferry to reach the island, the scooter / motorcycle hiring options are available at the jetty itself to help you with your Langkawi transport. There are better offers for hiring of the two wheelers for longer durations as well, especially if you are planning on an extended stay in Langkawi. You will need to know the topography of the various locations inside the island for you to easily move around and reach places without difficulty. It will also help if you are aware of the different road rules that apply. If you are driving a car or a two-wheeler, you are expected to stay on the left side of the road and if you meet with an accident you could get into trouble with the police authorities.

So starting from the Langkawi airport transfers arranged by your hotel or if you hired the Langkawi airport taxis, there is no shortage of transport arrangements on this island. From self-driving options to hiring bicycles, just relax and enjoy your stay here.

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