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How to get around in Penang

How to get around, Published on 20 July 2015, Monday

Penang is an island state in Malaysia which is located on the northwest coast. It is a highly urbanized and one of the three most developed states in the country. It has a very diverse population with different ethnicities, culture, language and also religion. It has embraced modernity, while retaining its traditional and cultural values. It is a very beautiful place and a major tourist attraction. When you are a visitor in Penang, you need a guide to help you in getting around Penang, as it is a very advanced and populous state and one can get lost easily.

Methods of getting around Penang

Getting around Penang is a breeze; it is not a hassle as the way people would think. The Penang transport system is amazing; from readily available flights, to the road systems which are highly developed, with very good highways leading right into the various towns in Penang. It is very easy to get to travel no matter where your destination is.

The moment you land at the airport, whether you are from a different country or the resident of this place, you can easily access the Penang airport transfers or the Penang airport taxis. This is one of the most reliable methods of transportation in Penang. The Penang airport taxis are well maintained and insured, and are always in a good condition. All the taxi drivers at the airport are very skilled and well experienced in driving. They have the map of Penang at the palm of their hands, knowing every direction, routes and short cuts of arriving at certain places. They are also very social and friendly to talk to. They will show you all the beautiful monuments and scenes through your journey. So, no matter where your destination is, these drivers will help you get to your destination safe and sound.

The use of public means is also a very common method of the Penang transport system. The Penang public transportation system has drastically improved over time with the launch of latest buses. There is the Hop on Hop off (HoHo) bus that will take you to the various sightseeing spots in Penang and one ticket is valid for all the buses and you have a choice of buying a 24 or 48 hour valid ticket. These are air-conditioned buses.

One can also get easy access to car rental services in Penang. The cars are installed with GPS, making them very easy to use on the roads. The roads are well connected and easily accessible, with signboards that are easy to read, and a proper route map. The car rental services can give you their drivers who also are well experienced and skilled to guide you throughout your journey. The good thing about renting a car is that it is very cheap and affordable to all visitors.

You can also use bikes or motorcycles. It is the most affordable means of transportation in Penang. It is always a fun way of exploring and proper sightseeing, making your journey worth it, capturing every magnificent view of the place.

What you need to know.

Before booking a flight or getting Penang airport transfers you need to budget on which method of transportation you will use while in Penang. This is very crucial because the least of things you want to happen to you is getting stranded in a foreign land. Planning is very important.

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