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How to Get Around in Seoul

How to get around, Published on 23 July 2015, Thursday

South Korea is a technologically advanced country whose capital is Seoul. The city runs a subway that is considered one of the best in the world. You can feel the difference even as you touchdown at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul. As you come out and head towards your destination in the city, you will be offered with a variety of options of Seoul airport transfers. The most popular among the locals is the Seoul MRT or the subway. It is the cheapest, fastest and if you are just a backpacker, your first choice would also be the subway. Among the other options Seoul airport taxis are also available. In fact, you can choose from a range of taxis depending on your need, budget and priority.

There is Transport for Every Need

As with the Seoul airport transfers, once you are settled in your hotel room and start planning on how to spend your days in the South Korean capital, you would want to know the best way of getting around Seoul. Luckily, it is quite easy here. For one, you do have these varieties of transports available. Someone who is providing you with the advice on this would recommend the subway that criss-crosses the whole city. If you make yourself familiar with the stations and places and understand the color codes of the different lines, you will indeed enjoy this Seoul transport. It is very efficient, connects with most parts (there are feeder service buses which will take you from the Seoul MRT stations to exactly where you wish to go) and what’s more, the tickets are fairly priced. Just equip yourself with the full details of how to buy the ticket or a one day pass, make a deposit and collect the refund after you have completed the journey and you are game.

More Comfortable Options

If you belong to the category of travellers who prefer to take it easy and would not like to be wasting time getting around Seoul, then the taxis are the best for you. As was explained in the case of the Seoul airport taxis, the city also has taxis of different varieties. At the broader level, there are the Regular, Deluxe and Jumbo taxis that ply all over the city and you can just flag down and get in. The Regular ones are the largest in number and identifiable by the orange color they sport. Then the Deluxe taxis, which are black colored luxury vehicles and naturally charge more than the Regular ones. The third category of taxis is called the Jumbo taxi, meant to carry more persons (up to 8), but cost the same as the Deluxe ones. In these categories, the Seoul authorities follow very strict regulations with regard to the approval of the drivers to drive the taxis. They are usually conversant in a couple of foreign languages, also to be of assistance to the tourists who don’t understand the Korean language.

So choose your transport and enjoy your visit to Seoul.    

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