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How to get around Kuala Lumpur

How to get around, Published on 24 July 2015, Friday

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. It is a very vibrant and a busty city with a population of over two million. It is a metropolitan city with a very diverse population of the Malay people, Chinese, and Indians. Kuala Lumpur is the central nervous system of Malaysia and has really developed and advanced with the construction of modern buildings such as the Petronas twin tower. The Kuala Lumpur transport system of the city is not an exception and has also played a huge role in the advancement of the city. The road system of the city is well connected, and functioning; from the planes, and buses, to trains and taxis. All these means of transportation have made getting around Kuala Lumpur very easy and fast.

Modes of transportation

The moment you land at the Kuala Lumpur international airport, which is located at the Sepang district. One is able to get access to the Kuala Lumpur airport taxis, which are easily available at the airport. The drivers of the Kuala Lumpur airport taxis, have the adequate knowledge about the city, therefore, they can take you to your desired destinations. Apart from the taxis, one can easily access the Kuala Lumpur airport transfers as long as you book early. Early booking is important so you do not have to face any delays while at the airport and can conveniently reach your hotel. The airport transfers might be by the KLIA Eksprestrains or the KLIA transit trains which link the main airport to the Kuala Lumpur central hub in the city. Kuala Lumpur airport transfer also uses buses which include the airport coach, star shuttle or the sepang omnibus which runs from the KLIA to every place in the city. There are also transfers by taxis which take you from the airport to your designated hotel.

One can also use the car rental services, which are a very reliable and comfortable way of getting around Kuala Lumpur. The car rental services can also give their drivers for those with little or no knowledge about the city. The drivers are skilled and trained to handle foreigners. They are also very friendly and social, showing you all the beautiful sceneries of the city. One can also rent bikes or motorcycles as for getting around the city.

The Kuala Lumpur MRT involves the use of the city subway system. It is very fast, clean and affordable for every visitor. It the most popular means of transport which is used by most people in the city. People can also use light rail transit, and KTM komuter, which take you to your desired destination.

Another means of the Kuala Lumpur transport system is by bus. The city has various bus stations with buses that handle both short and long distance travels in the city.

Choosing a transport system

One has to be careful when choosing a transport system when in a foreign land. This is because you have limited funds when you are travelling. Hence, comparing the prices of all means of transport available and then availing one or a mix of all will always make sense if you wish to be in your budget. just remember, private means of transport is more expensive than public.

Along with the cost, you also need to see the comfort factor. You may be travelling with your family and hence, would like to hire a service that is the most comfortable. Determining whether to use the public means such as the Kuala Lumpur MRTor private means is crucial here.

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