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How to get around Pattaya

How to get around, Published on 20 August 2015, Thursday

Pattaya, a sea side resort located in the gulf coast of Thailand, lies about 120 miles southeast of Bangkok. Getting to this party town for all visitors is not difficult as many people think. The Pattaya transport system is quite reliable with various means of transportation that help you to get to this town without any difficulties such as buses, taxis, trains, plane, cars, etc.

Means of transportation

The most famous means of transportation is by bus, which offers a two-hour drive from Bangkok when using the new motorway. Getting around Pattaya is easier when using the local buses which are very cheap, and very easy to access. One of the most popular buses is the beach bus which operates within the town and is a reliable mode of transportation or you can even use the baht-buses.

The easiest way of getting Pattaya for all visitors is using the Pattaya airport transfers from the U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya international airport or Bangkok airport. The airport has buses, which depart from level 1 airport terminal and are operated by Roongreuang, going all the way to Jomtein, to their desired hotel destinations. Early booking is necessary so that the airport can make early arrangements for your hotel room.

Apart from Pattaya airport transfers, one can use the Pattaya airport taxis. They can be easily accessed from the airport. The taxis have trained drivers who have adverse knowledge about the town and will take you to your desired destinations safe and sound. One can also use local taxis, which are in green and yellow color. They are an alternative to the Pattaya airport taxis. The local taxis can be easily accessed from the streets of the town and take you to your desired destination.

The most economical way of getting to the coastal town is by using the Pattaya MRT. Pattaya has two main train stations, the Pattaya Tai train station which is smaller and closer to Jomtein, and the Pattaya train station. The Pattaya train station is the main stop for most trains; a lot of buses wait for them to arrive to carry passengers. Although the Pattaya MRT system is not advanced, it offers a worthwhile experience.

Car rental service is the most reliable method of transportation for those visitors who value comfortability. Although it might be complicated for visitors who are not familiar with the town, some agencies offer their drivers who help you in getring around the town easier. Using the car rental services is costly compared to the buses and taxis. Car rental services can be accessed online with agencies such as Argus car hire, AVIS Thailand, Budget Thailand, Pattaya rent a car, hertz Pattaya and many more.

Other means of getting around Pattaya is by using the motorcycles as a way to avoid the crazy traffic. It is also very cheap and fast and a convenient way of getting to destinations, which are not situated along bus routes. Furthermore, the motorbike rental is for those who are very good at driving motorbikes. When renting a motorbike, always submit a copy of your passport. In case of any damages you will have to pay the damage fee.

Choosing a transport system

The Pattaya transport system can either be public or private, therefore, choose a transport system that makes you comfortable.

Also choose a transportation service that is within your budget.

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