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How to get around Taipei

How to get around, Published on 23 July 2015, Thursday

Taipei is a well-developed and advanced city, with a proper established means of transport. The advancement of the Taipei modes of transport has made it easier to get around Taipei. One is spoilt for choice when selecting the mode of transportation that is suitable to you in Taipei. Some of the well-known modes of transportation are cars, MRT trains, airplanes, bikes, scooters, and taxis, etc. The moment you land on the airport, which might be Taiwan Taoyuan international airport or Taipei songsan airport, you will see many Taipei airport taxis. They are a very common means of transportation, especially from the airports to your destination.

Modes of transportation

One can easily access the Taipei airport taxis, when at the airport. You can also book the Taipei airport transfers where they facilitate your transportation form the airport to the hotel which has already been set up for you. The airport taxis are very reliable, with well trained and experienced drivers. They are very friendly and social and while they drive you around Taipei to your destination, they show major landmarks. They have the map of Taipei at their fingertips, knowing all the short cuts and lanes for avoiding traffic jams in the city. The Taipei airport transfers are also very reliable, and among the best means of transportation from the airport.

The Taipei MRT is a mode of transportation that uses the subway system. It is the central nervous system of transportation in Taipei. It is also the fastest, cheap and the most reliable mode of transportation which one can use for getting to the city’s attractions. It is most favorable because unlike the use of buses, or cars, the Taipei MRT does not encounter traffic jams.

Getting around Taipei has become much easier with its advanced road network. This has made it very easy to use the buses, which is also a very common public means of transportation. Getting to the bus station is also easy, as the signs are on the maps and also for the buses that stop there. The signs are mostly in Chinese, but they are translated for every visitor to understand.

One of the most efficient Taipei transport system is the use of rental cars. The car rental services can be accessed on the internet, where you get to look for the services that suit you and that are affordable. Most car rental services are very affordable, and also give you drivers to help you throughout your journey. The drivers are well experienced and have the map of the city on their fingertips

Apart from rental cars, one can also use bikes and scooters, which are also an effective way of getting around Taipei. It is always fun as you get to experience the beauty of the city first hand. The bikes and scooters can be rented out to the visitors.

Things to consider when choosing a transport system

Before choosing any means of transportation in Taipei, make sure that it fits your budget. The least of things happening to you is getting stranded in a foreign country.

Also choose a transport system that suits your needs and is comfortable to use too.

Whatever the transport system you choose, they have all played a key role and have made getting around Taipei much easier.

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