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How to get around Tokyo.

How to get around, Published on 20 August 2015, Thursday

The city of Tokyo has developed and advanced over the years due to industrialization and urbanization. The city has everything from the modern infrastructure in the form of sky crappers that have shaped the skyline, to the transportation system. For every visitor, getting around Tokyo can be a nightmare, but the well-connected transport system has made it easier.

Means of transportation.

The first stop for every visitor in Tokyo is the airport. From the airport, one can use the airport taxis or the Tokyo airport transfers. The airport transfers are very safe for visitors who are not familiar with the city as the airport is in charge of all your bookings. If you want to use Tokyo airport transfers, an early booking is preferred so that they can make arrangements for your hotel stay and also transportation in advance. One can also use the Tokyo airport taxis which are available at the airport. They are very safe as the drivers have mastered every corner of the city and will take you to your desired destinations.

Apart from the Tokyo airport taxis, one can use the local taxis found on the streets of the city. They are noticeable due to their yellow color. It is very convenient, but an expensive means of transportation. They are very many, and you won’t have a difficult time looking for one. Most taxi drivers are not familiar with English, therefore, write your destination on a note book.

Further, the Tokyo MRT system is well advanced, the fastest and cheapest mode of transportation. There are two major Tokyo MRT systems, which are the Tokyo metro and Toie lines, and have a slight difference in their fares. There is also one major trail company known as JR and other private line operators. The Tokyo subway system is very clean and well maintained, making it very safe.

For a more private and comfortable journey, one can use the car rental services. The services can be accessed using the Internet where one can check the different range of cars and their respective rates. If you are not comfortable in driving around Tokyo, they can offer their drivers at your expense.

The buses are the most convenient method of the Tokyo transport system. The bus system is very favorable for those who cannot handle the madness of the subway system. The bus fares are very cheap, but one should ask the route which the bus operates on or else you will be taken to the wrong destination. One of the main bus companies which run through the city is the Tokyo metropolitan, and other private companies such as Keio or Odakyu.

Other means of transport which have made getting around Tokyo much easier are bikes, which can be rented out at various stores like the Yurakucho’sMuji. It is very flexible, and one can easily avoid traffic jams. But remember, always follow the traffic rules and avoid hitting pedestrians. One can also walk around the city as long as you have a map to guide you.

Point to note.

Always choose a transport system that is safe and comfortable depending on your specifications. This is because some people are not comfortable with public transportation services.

Whatever means of transportation you use, make sure it is within your budget. There is nothing more frustrating than getting stranded in a foreign city.