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Interesting activities in Phuket - Snorkeling (Phi Phi & Similan)

Interesting Activities, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

Snorkeling is a special type of underwater adventure very popular among tourists coming to Phuket. A special type of jacket with fins is worn to go under the deep sea water. There are a number of wonderful beaches situated all around Phuket. The entire Andaman Sea around this area is clean and free from pollution. Here Andaman Sea is preserving many wonderful marine lives, some of which are rare species too. Snorkelling is always one of the recommended Phuket activities, which obviously gets a top place in the itinerary of people coming to Phuket. The two islands viz. Phi Phi and Similan are the most known places for this activity in Phuket.

Snorkeling in Phi Phi and Similan:

Among the interesting activities in Phuket- Snorkeling (Phi Phi & Similan) attracts the adventure lovers all around the world. The Phi Phi islands, with wide varieties of colorful fishes, all other flora and fauna and splendid corals, has always remained a famous destination for snorkeling. Further deep into the Andaman Sea, the famous Similan Islands is also a hot spot for snorkeling. The tropical water of Andaman Sea around Similan Islands with all existing natural resources is a perfect habitat of many well-known and rare underwater flora and fauna. Accumulation of corals is also very homogenous and dense. All these characteristics of Similan Islands have made this a popular place for snorkeling. Thus, this is one of the recommended Phuket activities, which are adventurous and offer all-new experience to the tourists who dare to go underwater.

A few things to look after before going for snorkeling:

Among interesting activities in Phuket- Snorkeling (Phi Phi & Similan) is a different type of activity which tourists cherish for a long time even after coming back home.

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