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Top 5 things to do in Langkawi

Top 5 things to do, Published on 23 July 2015, Thursday

The view of Langkawi Island is simply paradise. Being one of the ninety nine archipelago island on the Andaman Sea, thirty kilometer off Malaysian west coast, Langkawi Island is the most popular get away destination. The island has plenty of historic sites and attractions, offers cheap shopping due to duty free products, has an exciting nightlife, and all this has contributed to making Langkawi the perfect get away location. It has the best and cleanest beaches with a vast road network, making it very easy to access the beautiful landmarks of the island. One has to definitely explore the beautiful attractions of Langkawi.

Things do to

What an amazing way to start exploring its beauty by Langkawi sightseeing. With plenty of attractions, one needs to capture every moment by visiting the Dataran Lang also known as eagle square. It is the most incredible man made attraction, located at the southeast corner of Pulau Langkawi. It is a twelve meter tall eagle sculpture of an eagle wanting to take flight. The sculpture is displayed on a raised platform. Apart from this, the place offers the best of Langkawi sightseeing with breathtaking views of miniature fountains, bridges, terraces, and also the Kuah bay.

The Langkawi cable cars are one of the top priority things to do. The cable cars take visitors to a ride at the top of mount Mat Cincang. From the mount, one is able to view the lush rainforests, islands, and also the beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea. The ride takes only fifteen minutes; no one should miss doing this when Langkawi.

One of the major Langkawi places of interest is the underwater world. This is something that is not experienced in most places and is a must visit. It is the largest water aquarium housing to more than five hundred species of sea creature such as penguins, seals, flamingos, etc. Most people do not get the opportunity of deep sea diving to have a firsthand glimpse of sea creatures; therefore, this is the best opportunity to experience the beauty of the sea creatures.

One of the biggest attractions of Langkawi is the sky bridge. Located at the end of the power car cables, the sky bridge is 2,300ft and is accessible by using the car power cables. The bridge is curved 410ft high above mount mat cincang, and is used by pedestrians. When on the bridge one is able to capture the captivating view of the rainforests and the many tiny islands that surround Langkawi.

The best way to complete your stay is by hitting the sandy beaches and island hopping. Langkawi is well known for its clean sandy beaches with plenty of small Islands surrounding it. After enjoying the scorching sun and having a swim at the sea, one can take a boat ride to the islets, which are the pulausingabesar, big lion island, pulaudayang bunting, and also the berasbasah Island.

Why visit these places?

These places are among the best Langkawi places of interest. You will never get to experience a beauty so magical until you visit these places. It will be worth every penny spent!

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