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Top 5 things to do in Pattaya

Top 5 things to do, Published on 20 August 2015, Thursday

Pattaya is a very vibrant coastal town located at the eastern gulf coast of Thailand. It is popularly known for its wild nightlife but there is more to the town than that. Pattaya has a wide range of attractions that shape its landscape; from beaches to ancient Thai and modern attractions. Its spectacular beauty has made it a perfect getaway tourist destination. There are some places that are a must visit for every visitor and a great way of starting your itinerary is by Pattaya sightseeing.

Places to visit

The sanctuary of truth is among the greatest attractions in Pattaya. Located in Bangla mung, the sanctuary has a spectacular ancient architecture with a teak structure that shows how religion has played a role in human development. The sanctuary is a demonstration of the skills that humans have as it is constructed with wood that is not treated or chemically protected. This is the perfect place to start your trip.

The Khao Chi Chan also known as the Buddha Mountain is an incredible place to visit. The mountain located at Na Jomtein is the largest stone with an engraving of Buddha looking down. It is a very humbling experience on how religion has led to the creation of magnificent structures. The Buddha engravings which are hundred and nine meters high were etched with a laser, and then finally marked out with gold.

The most breathtaking Pattaya sightseeing is the NongNooch Tropical Botanical Garden. The garden is full of life as it displays a magnificent picture perfect view from the flowers, and landscaped gardens. The garden is 2.4 square feet kilometers, with French style design that displays a vast beauty of over 670 species of flowers.

Pattaya town is famously known for its wild nightlife. The nightlife attracts plenty of visitors both locally and internationally, making it one of the major attractions in Pattaya. The walking street is a 500 meter stretch of buildings and side streets containing plenty of clubs, bars, and roof top pool parties. When the sun sets, the walking street is overshadowed with neon lights, thumping music and street performances from clubs such as the airport club, angel winch, candy shop, club boesche, FLB bar; the list is endless. Make sure you catch a glimpse of the famous Pattaya nightlife.

What a great way to complete your trip by getting your swim suit and hitting up the sandy beaches, which is one of the best Pattaya places of interest. The beach is filled with plenty of activities such as swimming, deep-sea diving, snorkelling, surfing, boat riding. After having a fun-filled day, one can stretch out on the deck chair, enjoying a cocktail as you watch the sunset.

Choosing a place

Some of the Pattaya places of interest might not be favorable for everyone. For example, some places are not family friendly with the nightlife taking the lead. Therefore, it is very important to consider a place that is suitable for everyone to have a memorable trip.

Whatever your preferences are, make sure you enjoy every moment of your trip in Pattaya.

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