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Top 5 things to do in Taipei.

Top 5 things to do, Published on 23 July 2015, Thursday

Taipei is a very beautiful and metropolitan city located at the northern tip of Taiwan on the Taipei basin. It is also the capital city of Taiwan, which is surrounded with an extraordinary architecture of its buildings; from Chinese to Japanese and also modern. It is also a very developed city with a very good transportation system throughout the city; from high speed railways, to highways, airports, and buses, you will be amazed to see how developed this city is. When in the eastern part of Asia, Taipei should be a must-visit place as the city has a lot to offer. There are plenty of attractions in Taipei, which are must visit and one cannot just afford to miss them.

The attractions.

Sightseeing in Taipei should be number one on the list. It is a very beautiful city, and you can take the tour during the day or night to explore its hidden beauty. There are a lot of places to visit when in Taipei and what a good way to start by visiting the Taipei 101 tower. It is the tallest building in Taipei and has a very spectacular architecture that will leave you breathless. The building can be easily noticed in the skyline and is one of the major attractions in Taipei.

One of the very beautiful aspects of any place is appreciating its culture and heritage. This can be clearly seen from the ornate temples that house Buddhist culture, and Chinese's folk religion deities. You can also witness Taoist culture by visiting the Longsan temple, and Baoan temple. There are plenty of historic sites in Taipei such as the Dalongdong. Museums are very popular for displaying a big aspect of the cultural heritage. Some of the popular museums to visit are the National palace museum. It has a vast display of art gallery and artifacts of ancient Chinese such as calligraphy, statuary, and lacquer ware.

Taipei is also known for shopping. One cannot go to Taipei and leave the amazing place without shopping for anything. Things are very affordable and high-quality products are manufactured and supplied by the sellers hers. Some of the other Taipei places of interest are the underground malls such as the living mall and ATT shopping mall, famous markets like the Ximending, and the Shilin night market.

The entertainment industry is fast growing in Taipei. Hence, some of the Taipei places of interest where one can have fun are the red house theatre, and the Taipei center for popular music where you can enjoy martial arts. Even a visit to the Taipei 101 will offer plenty of entertainment as you will find bowling alleys and lounges there to spend your time. The nightlife is also crazy with plenty of lounges, bars, and nightclubs; Barcode, Sparks and Myst are just a few among the many .

We should always enjoy every moment of our lives, everywhere we go, and Taipei is no exception. With so many parks and natural reserves such as the famous Yangmingshan national park, one can even enjoy the natural beauty of the place. It is known for its forested mountains and hot springs. Some of the other parks are the Yushan, Taroko, and Shei-pa national park.

Why visit these places?

It is very important to visit these places as a way of celebrating the culture, heritage and beauty of Taipei. Sightseeing in Taipei enables you to capture and make every moment memorable. Visiting these places will make your stay worthwhile! 

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