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Top 5 things to do in Tokyo.

Top 5 things to do, Published on 20 August 2015, Thursday

Tokyo is one of the most impressive cities not only in Japan but in the world. The city has a very spectacular skyline with a combination of ultra-modern, and traditional architectures; from its skyscrapers to temples that have a rich traditional history in Japan. Tokyo is truly an ideal city to visit, and you will be fascinated on what the city has in store for you. The best way to start exploring the city is by visiting some of the main attractions in Tokyo.

Places to visit .    

Get the best of Tokyo sightseeing by visiting the Senso-ji, the most popular and the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The temple looks like a large hanging red lantern from one its gates. The temple was built in 645 and has been well maintained as it still glows despite the many tragedies it has faced such as the great earthquake and World War 2. It is amazing how such a temple has stood the test of time; indeed old is gold. Some of the most amazing temples that are a must visit are the Kinkaku-ji, horyu-ji, and also the Itsukushima shrine.

The Great Britain has been associated with palaces, but wait until you visit the Tokyo imperial Palace which contains various buildings and is a residential place of the emperor of Japan. It is built with the typical Japanese architecture style. The palace has a wide park like the one located in Chiyoda and has a great price value; very high and expensive.

Get the best of Tokyo sightseeing by visiting the Tokyo Tower. It has become a very famous landmark and a tourist destination for many. The tower is thirteen meters higher than the original Eiffel tower in France, which is the inspiration for its architectural design. The building contains two observatories both 150m and 250m high respectively. This is a place where you get to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view of the city’s skyline. It also has other facilities such as the Aquarium gallery which has more than fifty thousand species of ornamental fishes. It also has souvenir shops, restaurants, fast foods and an amusement park. The tower is one of the major attractions of Tokyo where both the locals and tourist get to relax and enjoy.

Shopping and nightlife.

One of the main Tokyo places of interest that everyone should enjoy is the city is its nightlife. The city has plenty of clubs which light it up with neon lights, with millions of people looking for a place to unwind the day. Some of the famous clubs in Tokyo are the golf& bar grip, Akasaka Blitz, Le Dragon Bleu, Sam& Dave, etc. The Tokyo nightlife has something for everyone.

What a nice way to end the trip by going for shopping. The city is known for having high end shopping malls and stalls for both local and international brands. The shopping centers have grown to be among Tokyo places of interest, especially because of their architecture and plenty of social spots. The most popular shopping centers are the Shinjuku station, Shibuya which is a center for fashionable clothing, Ginza, Ikebukuro stores which are known for department stores and electronics.

All the above are the top five things that every visitor should have on their bucket list when in Tokyo!