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Top actvities in Phuket – Kayaking

Top Activities, Published on 7 September 2015, Monday

The stunning and wonderful natural beauty in Phuket is a fascinating and apparently unrevealed world full of natural resources, wildlife, underwater living wonders, naturally sculpted rocks and awesome cliffs, and many rare species of flora and fauna. The best way to explore them is through Kayaking. A kayak is a flat and narrow boat propelled manually, which can enter in a flat narrow place quite easily. In Phang Nga bay and Krabi, there are scores of limestone cliffs under which caves are formed due to constant collisions with waves. Apart from caves, narrow passages in between two boulders or rocks can also be explored smoothly with kayaks. Thus, among the top activities in Phuket- kayaking is very popular among adventure loving tourists and undoubtedly this has remained one of the popular Phuket recommended activities, especially for those nature loving adventurous tourists who come to visit Phang Nga Bay and Krabi.

Interesting facts about Phang Nga Bay and Krabi:

Tourists come here to have an experience of famous “hongs” scattered throughout the region in between Phang Gna Bay and Krabi. Hongs are actually the remnants of caves once formed under the rocks and tall cliffs, but now have become safe habitats of wild and aquatic lives. Natural serenity composed of lively colors of nature, absolute silence and spectacular views of creatures are enough to astonish the tourists. Open to the sky and flamboyant Arabian Sea, hongs are conserving amazing natural resources over the centuries. Kayaking is the best way to take a look at this beautiful world.

Important matters regarding kayaking:

As kayaking has remained one of the most popular Phuket recommended activities, several tour operators are now arranging kayaking for a very small number of tourists at a time. Each kayak takes 2-3 travelers and an expert guide to make the tour safe and knowledgeable. Among the top activities in Phuket- Kayaking inevitably tops the list in the itinerary of tourists coming to enjoy holidays in Phuket.

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