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Top five things to do in Penang

Top 5 things to do, Published on 13 July 2015, Monday

Penang is a state in Malaysia. Penang and its islands together constitute Penang Island. The Islands are located in North-West coast of peninsular Malaysia. It’s one of the most popular and highly urbanized states of Malaysia. The state is also a prime business and tourism hub of the country. Penang is the third largest economy of the country, having the largest GDP in Malaysia. Major part of revenue comes from manufacturing and tourism. 

The major attractions in Penang are the beaches, hills, parks, shopping places, art galleries, heritage buildings and places to taste traditional foods.

In Penang places of interest are indeed uncountable and Penang Sightseeing is undoubtedly a life time experience. The must-do list is also pretty large. It takes lots of time and energy to cover every famous places and spots in the state, as also to taste the old and rich culture and heritage of Penang. 

Within limited time and budget one can choose some world famous Penang places of interest as a part of Penang Sightseeing. Here are five top attractions in Penang:

Penang Hill: Penang Hill was a colonial hill station developed in peninsular region during British rules in Malaysia and the locals call it Bukit Bendera. Penang Hill comprises of five hills viz. Bukit Laksamana, Tiger Hill, Flagstaff Hill, Western Hill and Government Hill. It’s only 6 km away from Georgetown. The flora and fauna of the hilly forest area is rich in rare species of trees, herbs and rare birds. Tourists come here to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. Penang Railway is another attraction of Penang hill. This is also an easy and enjoying way to go to the top. The historic railway designed by Swiss engineers in 1923 is almost 2.5Kms in length.  

Escape Adventureland: Escape Adventureland in Penang is a great place to enjoy some thrilling moments. It has turned into a favorite destination for adventure seekers who love outdoor adventures. The environment-friendly theme park is famous for zip-lining; the park also hosts many other fun jungle activities for all ages. A creative and funny way to foster love for outdoor activities, especially for kids, the park started out in 2012 with attractions like free fall from a 20 meter-high jump platform, cave exploration, balance beam, inner tube slide and tree rope swing etc.

Penang War Museum: During WWII the place was a Japanese Army Base where British soldiers were brutally tortured and killed. Since then the hill itself has earned a reputation as a haunted place where local public does not dare to enter after evening. Later, the Malaysian Government has conducted some major restoration works to keep its historical importance intact so that visitors get an experience about the incidents of WWII as happened on this hill. As such the entire place has turned into a museum, which is uniquely conceptualized and remodeled.

Khoo Khongsi : This famous heritage building is also known as Dragon Mountain Hall. Located in Georgetown, Khoo Khongsi is famous among tourist worldwide for its murals and carvings. The art works all over the building make it a great architectural monument worth visiting.

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram:  The temple was built in 1845, and houses a 33m high Buddha statue showing the famous final resting post of Buddha during his last days. The statue is considered as the third tallest one available in the world. This is a beautiful and historical place to visit in Penang.

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